Top Resources for Nonprofit Professional Development

When time is tight — and budgets are even tighter — professional development is all-too-often overlooked. This seems especially true in the nonprofit world, where every dollar counts. However, investing in your staff represents an investment in your organization’s growth and success.

Professional development training prepares staff to take on greater responsibilities, giving them the tools they need to boost their performance. Fortunately, many low-cost (or even free) nonprofit professional development opportunities exist. Here are a few of our favorite resources.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

This award-winning publication explores solutions to global problems. With contributors from around the world and from multiple sectors — nonprofit, government, public, private — SSRI offers a thoughtful blend of research, theory and practice.

Available online and in print, SSRI serves as a trusted resource on topics such as human rights, civic engagement, security, health and more. Along with articles, subscribers can also access webinars, podcasts, a weekly e-newsletter and videos with influencers from across disciplines.

Center for Nonprofit Excellence

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence offers a library of online training options, including courses, certifications programs and one-off webinars. Topics run the gamut of “how to write effective grant reports” to “using data to boost your impact.” Based in New Mexico, the Center also provides access to a library of articles, reports and tool kits, designed to help build nonprofit capacity, develop leadership and enhance nonprofit administration.

Nonprofit Quarterly

Looking for the latest in nonprofit financial news? Nonprofit Quarterly curates news relevant to 501(c)3 and philanthropic organizations, compiles it into a newsletter and sends it to your inbox. Here, you’ll find content on timely topics such as organizational management and change, economic and financial updates, technological developments and more. The Nonprofit Quarterly also offers a series of “premium” webinars for those interested in learning to master the nonprofit business model.

Nonprofit Times

Not only does the Nonprofit Times offer an overview of the latest news and developments in the nonprofit world, but you can also access a series of webinars. Topics range from leveraging finance technology and data to boost impact, to tax reform and charitable giving. You can also access podcasts and white papers from the Nonprofit Times.

Society for Nonprofits

The Society for Nonprofits offers a series of trainings, certifications, and webinars to nonprofit management and leadership. Trainings take place online and in-person, ranging in price from free to a few hundred dollars. The Society offers a Certificate of Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, worth 4.8 CEU credits, and accredited online classes through the MindEdge online course library. Members receive an annual subscription to GrantStation.

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Visit the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance to access a library of professional development resources, including books, journals, websites and professional publications, available for purchase or at no cost. Those seeking equity resources can access the DEI Resource Library, search grant and career opportunities, and find upcoming conferences and events. The Alliance also offers a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential through a partnership with colleges and universities across the U.S.

National Council of Nonprofits

On the National Council of Nonprofits’ website, you’ll find a wealth of resources for professional development and nonprofit administration. Explore curated materials related to topics such as boards and governance, advocacy, leadership, fundraising and more. Resources are available at no cost. Sign up for the Council’s e-newsletter to remain informed of the latest resources and tools.


Classy may be best known as an online fundraising site, but they also offer a ton of free resources and tools. Choose from webinars, guides, videos, worksheets and e-courses, all with a focus on helping your nonprofit grow by using digital tools. Sign up for the newsletter to get regular updates in your inbox.

Want to learn more about growing your organization? Contact Capacity4Health and learn how we can help expand your capacity.

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C4H has trained 1300+ and co-designed with 120+ community-based organizations and health departments to make waves of change in their communities.

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Two-day training in multiple cities across the United States for program managers and leaders at HIV Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).

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Health Equity aims to enable better opportunities for organizations and public health professionals to respond to racial, health, and structural disparities at the local level.

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The National Learning Community for HIV CBO Leadership is a distance-based learning program that will strengthen the next generation of leaders at community-based organizations. Learn more here

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In this six-week program, you will be matched with a cohort of CDC-funded CBO managers from across the country to learn and practice methods to accelerate organizational change.

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C4H has trained 1300+ and co-designed with 120+ community-based organizations and health departments to build creative solutions and make waves of change in their communities.

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As the U.S. continues to respond to COVID-19, increased investments in the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. (EHE) initiative are vital to regain momentum, advance innovation, and achieve health equity.


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