Nonprofit Capacity Building Assistance – Understanding Your Options

Change may be inevitable but even expected changes can cause upheaval for nonprofits. Given the constraints — such as tight financial resources and overstretched staff — that so many organizations must maneuver within, navigating change can add another layer of complexity.

Fortunately, capacity building assistance can help. Utilizing nonprofit capacity building can help improve the knowledge and skills your staff needs to do their work with confidence in the face of change. Read on to learn more about the benefits of capacity building for your nonprofit.

Why Get Help?

Managing change is key to a successful transition, and that’s where help with nonprofit capacity building comes into play.

You can start the process by perusing that many nonprofit change management ​resources available online. While many of these resources offer value, most provide only general best practices and guidelines. Keep in mind that every organization has its own needs, and that change takes place within a unique organizational context.

Consider the basic steps involved in navigating a change:

  1. Communicating the vision to those affected. Let staff, clients, and stakeholders know how the change will affect them. Frame changes in a positive light, with a focus on how the change will make their lives/jobs better. Talking points should include why the change is necessary, the anticipated impact, any steps taken, a timeline ​and specific goals.
  2. Promoting buy-in. Change is easier when your staff and clients support it. Give them the information they need, as well as time to adjust, adapt and accept. Ensure that you’re available to answer questions and provide more information as needed.
  3. Handling missteps. When challenges arise, arm yourself with information, take a positive approach, and tackle the problem head-on. Consistent communication and a “glass half full” attitude can help smooth the path.
  4. Staying the course. Implementing change can feel two steps forward, one step back, but keep your goal in mind and practice endurance until you reach your goal.

Given the complexity involved with most organizational changes, it makes sense to seek capacity building assistance. Nonprofit capacity building provides help that’s tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Here, you’ll find options designed for your unique circumstances.

Online Training

If you’re crunched for time, seeking online training may be a good solution. Online courses can be taken at your own pace, allowing you to learn when you have the time. Self-paced e-learning and webinars make it easy to find relevant, cost-effective training that fits into your schedule.

In-Person Training

For a more personalized experience, choose in-person training. You’ll find options in classroom settings, small groups, or even on a one-on-one basis. You’ll receive individualized strategies tailored specifically to your nonprofit’s needs.

Change Management Monitoring

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. If you need to move beyond training, consider change management monitoring. Here, a third party monitors and evaluates your situation, providing regular feedback from an objective, expert perspective.

Technical Assistance

Often, nonprofits need help to simply execute change on a technical level. In such cases, seek out capacity building organizations that can help with technical activities like web design, software selection and more.

If your nonprofit is navigating change, we can help! Capacity For Health offers a comprehensive range of capacity building assistance, from coaching to assessments and more. Contact C4H today to learn how we can help your organization change for the better.