We help you build
organizations are the change
makers of HIV prevention,
care, and treatment. How far
can we scale our impact?

Let's find out together.

We are an interdisciplinary team of public health practitioners and designers who come from non-profits, health departments, and community health centers.

Holding empathy as our guiding philosophy, we inspire novel solutions to community health challenges by using innovative co-design processes that leverage community expertise and build confidence.


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Our movement thrives on the energy of passionate and dynamic community health leaders like you. You are the right leadership to end the HIV epidemic. Health care, our political climate, and funding is always changing. This has required us to be more innovative in our approaches to advocacy and more strategic in our use of scarce resources.

Now is the time.

You and your teams make strides where systems fall short. You have developed interventions in your neighborhoods and changed lives across the country. Because of this, we know that you are the key to ending the epidemic. Our mission is to invest in you and support a strong, impactful and sustainable community workforce.

Are you a manager at an HIV prevention and response
community based organization?

The National Learning Community for HIV CBO Leadership is a distance-based learning program that will strengthen the next generation of leaders at community-based organizations. We will provide you with a tailored learning experience that will empower you to manage the people, programs, and organizations that will End the HIV Epidemic in the U.S.

What you'll get.

Self-Paced Courses

A selection of online self-paced courses on topics in organizational sustainability designed by and for CBO managers in partnership with CDC

Exclusive online community

Access to an exclusive online community of peers, coaches, and mentors in the HIV preventive workforce.

Creative Problem Solving

An expert-led distance based accelerator program on innovative continuous quality improvement

Badges and Certificates

Linkedin badges and certificates and meaningful results from innovative coursework and ongoing mentorship