7 Great Resources for HIV Organizations

One of the main reasons why we have made such great strides in the fight against HIV/AIDS in recent years is that there is now a wealth of resources for those on the front lines. Over the past three decades, some organizations have established themselves as key resources for HIV organizations on the front lines. Here are seven of the biggest:

Resource 1 – AIDS United

AIDS United is at the forefront in the battle against HIV/AIDS. This national HIV organization fulfills their mission by providing grants and technical assistance, supporting research, and is a partner with Capacity for Health in the Capacity Building Assistance Network (CPN). They have given more than $104 million to local communities and have leveraged an additional $117 million in additional investments for HIV prevention programs by nonprofit health organizations. As a resource for non-profits, AIDS United has a track record of providing organizations with the tools they need to succeed in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Resource 2 – The Center for HIV Law and Policy

At the center of the legal battle to protect people living with HIV, The Center for HIV Law and Policy has been challenging barriers for decades. The organization stands as a staunch defender of non-discrimination and advocacy in the fight for HIV-positive people. The Center provides legal research, advice, and advocacy, standing at the forefront of policy decisions impacting the rights of the vulnerable populations we serve.

Resource 3 – San Francisco AIDS Foundation

In the Bay Area, one of the most widely known resources for the HIV-prevention and treatment community is the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. In addition to advocacy and education, the organization has worked tirelessly to help prevent new HIV infections. They offer a number of evidence-based intervention programs such as free HIV testing and STI screenings, case management, needle exchange, and community education.

Resource 4 – Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Uniquely centered on children, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation has vowed to provide services “until no child has AIDS.” Founded in 1988 by three mothers, Elizabeth Glaser, Susie Zeegen and Susan DeLaurentis, the Foundation provides local communities with evidence-based prevention and treatment programs, partnering with regional care providers around the world. One of its key areas of focus is the prevention of mother-to-child infection, which accounts for the majority of HIV infections in children.

Resource 5 – Lambda Legal

Lambda Legal brings activism to your community by partnering with organizations to fight for the civil rights of LGBTQ people, and those living with HIV. Lambda is a legal resource working to litigate, educate, and change public policy for the good of all of us.

Resource 6 – CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the government resource at the helm of the get tested movement. They sponsor national initiatives on a variety of health issues, including HIV, STD, and hepatitis. C4H receives funding from the CDC to provide capacity building to helps community-based organizations sustain HIV prevention and treatment programs across the United States. They also fund the Capacity Building Assistance Network (CPN), as well as many other initiatives that benefit non-profit service organizations.

Resource 7 – Latino Commission on AIDS

The Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA) is a huge resource for non-profits conducting outreach programs in Latinx communities. The organization focuses on health advocacy for Latinx people through education, development of prevention programs, and by building capacity in other non-profits targeting these communities.

C4H works with the LCOA as part of the Capacity Building Assistance Provider Network.

HIV Resources Help Nonprofit Health Organizations Win

Each of these organizations offers non-profit HIV service organizations financial, legal, and educational support. C4H is pleased to partner with many of these non-profits to help community organizations get the resources they need to be more effective in reaching their mission.

Contact C4H for other resources that will help you win the fight.