The C4H staff

Donovan Ramos

Learning Management System Manager

Donovan is energized by employee training and eager to help others excel in their career. His role as an Instructional Designer at the Health Forum is a culmination of his academic background and his professional career.

In his last role, Donovan assisted San Francisco State University faculty to build their online courses and provided best practices for online learning. He brings a wealth of knowledge in e-learning and online course design.

Outside of the C4H team, Donovan is a fitness enthusiast and professional. He loves exercising and has completed a few 5K-12K races, a half-marathon, and many obstacle course races. As a fitness professional, Donovan teaches indoor cycling and is looking to become a part-time personal trainer. Currently, Donovan jogs every morning.

Our Mission

Community-based organizations are the change makers of HIV prevention, care, and treatment. How far can we scale our impact? Let's find out together.

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C4H has trained 1300+ and co-designed with 120+ community-based organizations and health departments to make waves of change in their communities.

Health Equity

Equity, Sustainability, Cultural Competency, and Social Determinants

Health Equity aims to enable better opportunities for organizations and public health professionals to respond to racial, health, and structural disparities at the local level.

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National Learning Community

Training the next generation of the HIV prevention workforce

The National Learning Community for HIV CBO Leadership is a distance-based learning program that will strengthen the next generation of leaders at community-based organizations. Learn more here


Creative Problem-Solving Intensive

In this six-week program, you will be matched with a cohort of CDC-funded CBO managers from across the country to learn and practice methods to accelerate organizational change.


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C4H has trained 1300+ and co-designed with 120+ community-based organizations and health departments to build creative solutions and make waves of change in their communities.

EHE Video & Podcast Series

As the U.S. continues to respond to COVID-19, increased investments in the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. (EHE) initiative are vital to regain momentum, advance innovation, and achieve health equity.


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Capacity for Health is a capacity building assistance (CBA) provider and have many resources available.