Holly Avey

Holly Avey

Holly Avey PhD, MPH

Director of Monitoring and Evaluation

Holly is the APIAHF Director of Monitoring and Evaluation. In her role she collects and analyzes data to support progress toward goals for specific APIAHF divisions (like C4H) and for APIAHF as a whole. She enjoys getting to know each part of the organization and encouraging cross-learning. She also supports overall strategy for APIAHF and participates in a few key partnerships with other racial equity organizations on behalf of APIAHF.

Throughout her career, Holly has been a health educator, a project manager and director, a policy researcher (through a community-based applied research tool called Health Impact Assessment), an evaluator and a strategist. She has worked in academic research, hospital, college health, and nonprofit settings. She has focused on topics as diverse as Alzheimer’s disease; reproductive health; stress management; and the impacts of urban design, land use planning, housing, criminal justice, education, and labor policies on health and equity. Her desire to specifically address racism, poverty, and other inequities motivated her PhD research topic on structural sources of chronic stress and their impacts on health inequities.

Holly uses her skills as a listener, observer, and big-picture thinker to pose the questions that can prompt greater reflection and connect the dots between current activities and long-term strategy. She loves to search out root causes and ripple effects to maximize impact.